Clif High and Jean-Claude address how to deal with current drama in the Woo community around the Blue Chicken Cult and how to protect yourself from manipulation.

  • 02:15 Many who are leaving the mainstream media box find themselves in an alternative media box that has been made for them; As dollar goes away, so does mainstream media
  • 08:24 Vaccination and infertility
  • 12:44 Spotting bad actors in the woo community
  • 16:45 Accepting constructive criticism
  • 19:12 9/11 example of how Deep State piles on; Roman concept of saeculum – 120 years; Our current saeculum was polluted by the government cover-up of the UFO issue;
  • 27:15 Example of person who is asking hard questions in woo community; Crises in male life around age 30; Great movements around the world
  • 32:40 Indigenous people working to sustain themselves
  • 34:50 Jay Weidner vs Blue Chicken Cult
  • 36:00 People attempting to hold back progress and protecting their turn with online trolling
  • 38:50 Jay Weidner skill as a great producer used to manipulate Gaia TV
  • 41:00 Morphing of the Blue Chicken Cult
  • 43:10 Do stupid things, win stupid prizes; What is trying to manipulate me
  • 46:10 Evolutionists heads will explode when space aliens show up
  • 48:00 Karens and Controlled confrontation
  • 49:45 How should newbies deal with the betrayal; Don’t be diverted into a divide and conquer approach
  • 58:16 Recovery with Clif High’s Pure Sleep

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