The elite are becoming aware that they have been double-crossed by the CCP (Chinese Han) after working together to sterilize and kill the West.

  • 00:13 Friday the 13th is a lucky day for Clif – most recent death and rebirth; Swimming in the woo;
  • 01:55 Appearance of the first clocks; Coordinating society; First concrete divisions of time
  • 07:75 Overwoo shift is torturous to humanity; Analogy to braces on the teeth
  • 12:25 Chinese Han view themselves as the chosen ones; Ming the Merciless; Weaponized racism; 140 racial groups in China
  • 19:30 Western institutions being continuely attacked by Han Chinese
  • 21:30 How Persia conquered Alexander the Great; CCP is working the same plan on the US
  • 26:18 CCP vax strategy: Sterilization and death of West; Seduction of the elites
  • 30:00 Elites now realize they have been double-crossed; Plan has been moved ahead 30 years
  • 31:20 Age of Aquarius = Knowledge is decentralized to the individual level
  • 34:15 Reality seems cruel unless it is examined and accepted
  • 42:00 Critical to be accurate in language

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