The state is being subsumed by the Woo. The public no longer needs state-run media to understand what is really happening. Heads of state are becoming irrelevant.

  • 00:20 Romance languages vs Teutonic languages; Coup d’etat = Blow against the state
  • 06:20 Woo d’etat = State subsumed by the Woo
  • 10:00 Separation of state from the head; Politicians are always followers; Leaders vs followers
  • 13:55 Constitutional Crisis
  • 16:25 Crops attacked – Peas, potatoes, and corn; CCP takeover of various national governments
  • 31:40 When everyone accepts that Biden is playing president in the Tyler Perry studios, what will they think of the journalists played along?
  • 34:30 No more adherence to the state narrative
  • 38:15 Shaka Zulu; Cultural diversity of America does not allow for mono-ype takeover
  • 44:50 Power elite serve no function…parasites; Meritocracy
  • 47:05 Other heads-of-state will be taken down first – Macrone, Asutralia, etc?

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