On this Sarah Westall show, Clif High shares many new insights on the mantids and the Nummo interspersed with commentary on present-day events. Clif even suspects that WE are a current incarnation of the Nummo.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:03:00 Show begins; No clot shot placebo…side effects; Sabotage of clot shot
  • 00:08:00 Aerosolized spike protein caused the initial COVID videos out of China
  • 00:10:00 Battling the “bugs”
  • 00:10:45 BS around DNA; Epigenetic programming
  • 00:15:38 Nummo
  • 00:24:40 Mantids
  • 00:26:20 SOC prepped for bioweapon; How mantids learn
  • 00:33:40 “You will own nothing and be happy” is a mantid perspective
  • 00:38:55 Karl Marx and eugenics
  • 00:42:50 Mantid purge
  • 00:46:00 Ages of Ram & Pisces vs Age of Aquarius; Significant change in Age of Aquarius
  • 00:49:40 Corey Goode lawsuit; Blue Chicken Cult; Vagus Nervous System; Myelin Sheath; Seed Oils
  • 00:55:20 Mongrels; Salish; Genghis Kahn
  • 00:59:20 CCP; Han Chinese; Uyghurs
  • 01:02:00 White people have inability to accept slavery
  • 01:05:00 Elohim were pale; Nummo stories from Africa
  • 01:08:42 Human beings have seven minds; We are the Nummo
  • 01:15:30 Concentration Camps; Constitutional Dollar; AMREV2 – American Revolution 2; Total reorganization of humanity
  • 01:18:50 Rediscovering true history;
  • 01:20:30 Adjuvants in vaccines; Salk vaccine and cancer
  • 01:22:40 Sorcerers
  • 01:25:00 Will globalist psychopaths be purged; Friday the 13th; Knights Templar; Cathars
  • 01:32:00 Warriors; Justification for taking a human life
  • 01:36:50 Psychedelics as a technology

Link to original video: https://odysee.com/@sarahwestall:0/Clif-High-Part-2-8-24-21:1

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