Clif offered lots of new details on his term “SOC” (Self-Organizing Collective) which is likely composed on “Iron Eagles” in the military who, unlike generals, are not politically compromised.

  • 00:01:32 Schizotypal; Psychedelic drugs; Hyperspace; Vagus Nervous System; Humans are psychically leaky; Bitcoin at 10 cents
  • 00:08:18 Description of Emotional Reduction Engine; Long-term, Short-term and Immediacy Language
  • 00:13:36 Sigma males think beyond their own deaths; Honor
  • 00:15:10 Religion; Wooble magnetism theory; Reality vibrates at 22 trillion times a second; Experience after death; Good vs Evil; Metempsychosis; Spell of 9/11
  • 00:27:20 Where the psychic part a human resides; Pineal gland; Soul into a fetus; Soul reduced to intuition after death; Pineal gland delivers intuition
  • 00:32:04 E=MC2 is not true; Many psychically active people have unhealthy habits; Distilled water needs minerals
  • 00:35:35 Governments captured; Need to cull the herd because pensions can’t be paid; Plague was engineered by elite
  • 00:38:50 Description of SOC (Self-Organizing Collective); Iron Eagles; Clif’s military dad; Example of Trump’s statement Early 2020: “I have great enemies, powerful enemies; They are very displeased with me; I have to go away; It will be for a short while; Do not be afraid; Things will get better.” Military involved in building prisons…with courthouses
  • 00:44:56 Not about Trump; About freeing humanity; Ugly stuff must be done; Death Jab; Nothing makes sense unless you include the idea, “They want to kill you.” Bill Gates; If the product is free, YOU are the product; Micro-bloodclots; Doctors are captured; Ventilator deaths; Fauci emails; Spike protein engineered; Herd immunity = 12%;
  • 00:59:04 SOC messed up globalist plan: Obama was supposed to take away guns; Nuclear war under Hillary; Loss of Constitution; Plan brought forward from 2050 to 2020; Counter-insurgency; Media control of dialogue breaking down very rapidly;
  • 01:08:42 Reversing vaccine damage: D-dimer; Blood thinners; Ivermectin; NAC; Glutathione; C60; Chaga; Pathogenic Priming
  • 01:12:06 Details of “The Bug”; Weaknesses of The Bug;
  • 01:19:40 Circumcision as act of mind control; 2 million to 5 million hormonal receptors that allow for males to mate for life; Straws and sippy cups alter the brain;
  • 01:24:48 Economic breakdown so that we can live in a true economy; Restructure entire social order; 3-fold horror time: Crash of financial system, evil exposure, die-off; Audits worldwide
  • 01:28:00 Gold, silver, cryptos
  • 01:32:00 Cabal, pedophilia, adrenochrome; Industrialized adrenochrome production
  • 01:42:05 Psychedelics

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