Great interview due to great hosts, including an 8chan board owner when Q got started there. Clif dives deep into a number of forbidden subjects and sees hope on the horizon.

00:00:38 How Clif came up with predictive linguistics
00:03:20 Cognition doesn’t happen in the brain; Brain is emulsified crystalline structure that works as an antenna
00:06:30 Corey Goode as a tool to corrupt web bot data; Dealing with courts
00:10:35 What is Woo? Dark ages woo; Indigenous cultures
00:16:09 Normieland
00:17:30 Acceleration of normies awakening to the woo
00:21:48 Insider whistleblower predictions; Change in humanity due to fighting the bug
00:25:25 Unburying – Industrialized pedophilia
00:28:18 Picking up original release of COVID; Animals affected
00:33:42 Coined the term SOC (Self-Organizing Collective) in 1994; Poet of GlobalRev1; Jordan Sather was right there; NSA = No Such Agencies; Spaceforce; Paul Furber was an 8chan board owner when Q started
00:39:30 Won’t provide whitehat list; Blackhat list includes CCP, Catholic Church, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, Fabian Society, Pendergast Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Tavistock Institute, Epstein, Bill Gates, George Soros; Pedophilia holds it together; Adrenochrome is the industrialized process that binds the group together; The Bug; Organ sales
00:46:35 Adrenochrome for sale in Los Angeles in 1968 for $4000; 6000 years old; Hansel & Gretel was reference to Adrenochrome; German Inquisition killed women to harvest orphans; Movie: “Death Become Her”
00:53:15 Vaccine Agenda
01:01:55 What will the final showdown look like? Surprise; Normies will feel the hairs rise up on back of their necks; SOC will merely give direction

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