Future Predictions And Living Within The Woo

  • 00:20 Explanation and inspiration behind predictive linguistics software
  • 01:53 Humans are antennas; HAARP are antennas that can either broadcast or receive
  • 04:45 Words have intensity values; First run of rough code in 1997
  • 07:00 Energy bodies blending; 6 feet apart to prevent blending
  • 09:04 Very first code run in 1997 yielded the phrase “Sun Disease”; “Military Accident” predicted 9/11
  • 12:20 Plutchik Wheel of Emotions
  • 13:50 1997-99 data sets warned of 2000 market crash
  • 16:14 Compared to Project Looking Glass, Yellow Cube, or Q Quantum Computer; Military does Intense Scenario Planning; No multiple timelines; No Big Bang Theory; Little Bloop Theory; Pattern Matching
  • 22:28 Manifesting
  • 24:35 Censorship has inhibited the ability to forecast; Level of desperation is everywhere for Powers That Be; Energy shift two weeks ago
  • 28:30 Actual Sun Disease regarding Sun; Climate Change is absurd; Spartacus Letter; Depop; Buckminster Fuller: Half of farmland has never had human footprint
  • 31:32 Wasteful system designed to filter wealth up to the top of the pyramid; System has finite limit because it was designed around a debt/inflationary currency; Gold theft and dollar revaluation; Great Reset; World War as distraction while currency crashes
  • 34:20 1964 started Self-Organizing Collective (SOC), Poet (Q); “Blondes on Boats” Costa Concordia prediction; “Future Proves Past”; Bonda Achi/Boxing Day earthquake
  • 37:25 October 4-10: Building tensions; Devolution from the perspective of space alien attack – 1947-67
  • 40:58 Mother of all financial crashes; Huge emotional spike; prediction of bitcoin; Events with bigger emotional impact show up earlier in time; Immediacy language vs regular language
  • 44:37 Evidence in 2001-03 that Good will prevail; SciFi World
  • 46:20 SciFi World temporal markers: Bitcoin going to $64,000 and dropping by half; Silber busting out; Encapsulated Earth; Positive turn in January – feels better
  • 48:07 Art Bell radio show in 2000; $600/oz Silver
  • 50:15 Mass die-off; Israel vax rate; Majority of Mangala deaths were with a syringe
  • 52:24 Poet (Q) trip code October 28, 2017; Cliff’s cancer ordeal; Cliff’s help for Q
  • 56:20 Technical details of how CCP censored Cliff’s Twitter account

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