• [00:44] “The Shape of Things to Come” book by H.G. Wells
  • [02:36] British Empire
  • [04:45] John Dee
  • [07:39] CRT/SEL; Social Justice Warrior ideology of early British Empire; White Man’s Burden
  • [11:52] Moral component critical to 4th generation warfare; Why the US hasn’t won a war in so long
  • [15:00] Appearance of Social Justice Warriors in the US is proof that this is the point at which the Chinese are attempting to take over as leading empire on the planet
  • [18:33] CCP vs USA; Planned 200 million deaths with bioweapon
  • [25:43] Mind control breaking down
  • [26:49] Replacement for the failing financial system; Privacy phone purchase
  • [28:19] Cryptocurrencies will facilitate the move into the new economy
  • [30:05] Need to invent things to replace things that are no longer available; ersatz
  • [33:55] Conflicting financial systems until dominant system emerges organically; Adoption of cryptos as gauge for the number of normies awakening
  • [40:25] Plastic shortage as an example of prioritizing needs

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ZtGy5rnLqzo/

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