• [00:16] Hell; Inca frequently reference Hell as freezing cold
  • [00:55] Floor for the US House of Representatives; House = Plans to spend; Senate = How to pay for it
  • [02:50] Fourth Turning for US and for Gen Z
  • [06:58] End of 100,000-year earth cycle; 104,000-year cycle behind sun, more cycles completing
  • [08:32] Gold, silver, cryptos – organic economy developing around dying financial system; Central Bank adding more complexity
  • [11:30] Self-employed = Self-responsible; Price inflation
  • [20:18] Plan A: Plandemic & Forced Injections;
  • [21:20] Problems from getting rid of Central Bank vs problems around sound money economy
  • [23:45] Local currencies
  • [25:39] GESARA, NESARA, QFS, Kim Goquen (horse shit)
  • [31:50] Big things to start Dec 3rd

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/y4A7Ul73tkty/

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