• [00:25] Al Chem; Scribe; Scry
  • [02:08] Book: Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere; Book: Hidden in Plain Sight
  • [02:58] One Point; Hara (Japanese); Tantien (Chinese)
  • [06:10] Life Energy; Ki; Chi; Prana
  • [07:19] Linus Pauling; Book: The Nature of the Chemical Bond
  • [09:26] Richard Feynman, Physicist; Electricity through wire; Testing a circuit against the rest of the universe;
  • [13:52] The One Point exists throughout the Universe; Bonds; Pattern recognition in code
  • [15:55] Nucleation; Ionization and weather; Positive and Negative Charge
  • [21:05] Eva Wong book: Hui-Ming Ching (Cultivation of the Energy of Life)

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/s0isVQyH8TOs/

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