Collateral damage from the vaccines and the psychological and informational war being waged by the elites on humanity.

  • 01:26 Juan O’Savin seems competent, maybe naval intelligence
  • 06:10 Explanation of predictive linguistics; Influence of censorship;
  • 09:45 Explanation of current war; Governments running psychological warfare operations on their own people; Everyone that flew into the climate conference–and everyone connected with them–is the enemy; Attempting to kill 13 out of 14 people;
  • 14:51 Juan’s Red Sea illustration
  • 17:20 Dark Winter is here; 6000% increase in athletes dying on the field; Myocarditis
  • 20:24 Chinese will never nuke America; Chinese goal of killing 200 million Americans; Book: 100 year Marathon to Domination
  • 21:20 Big factions of the military not under control of Biden; Trump was asked to run…by who?
  • 23:37 US can’t be invaded due to gun ownership; BLM and ANTIFA failing; Kyle Rittenhouse
  • 25:58 Democrats wanted many dead people on January 6; Trump didn’t sign the Insurrection Act
  • 26:58 Military people aware of sell-out and invasion since the 1970s; David Icke; Insurrection Act
  • 29:40 Lesson in changing the battlefield
  • 31:20 Trump demonstrated that there were alternative treatments for dealing with COVID
  • 32:36 Juan’s premise that Trump is in charge of nuclear football; Devolution or not; Smoking out the Soros players; Plan started in 1947
  • 37:00 War is not chess; Random moves can be made; When the last pope is strangled by the intestines of the last Politian, then it’s over; Tic Tak UFOs
  • 42:35 Re-emergence event by January 22-23
  • 46:12 Ghislaine Maxwell trial; Adrenochrome; Data from 2003 showing movie subliminals; Disney downfall; Durham Report; Police = Policy Enforcement; Sheriff is true law enforcement

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