• [00:14] Origin or Roux, and Lysis (Lyse)
  • [02:00] >13,700 ice age; 4th version of man
  • [04:00] Easier to ferment grain than seed
  • [11:50] Equal parts flour, water and milk to make roux
  • [13:30] Lysis = To separate; Pyrolysis = Explode; Virilysis = Multiplication of virus causes cell to burst
  • [18:15] Release of contractor reports December 1 & 2; War language will force; Joe Rogan vs CNN, Lets Go Brandon; Corporate media will be forced to do stories with holes which then must be filled…stuck in the woo
  • [29:50] Max Igan, Glenn Back, David Icke interview

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/s51fAMgNfTh1/

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