• [00:15] We live in an Electric Universe; Aether; Oceans as a big battery
  • [02:18] Types of waves
  • [07:59] Humans activity in terms of natural forces; Spilling wave from December to March; Government sneak attack on populace; Ghislaine Maxwell trial;
  • [17:55] MedBeds meme; Simon Parks and Charlie Ward; Shedding of spike proteins, graphene, nano-particles, etc.; Chaga, Vitamin D, NAC; Jaun O’Savin electrostatic clothing
  • [28:35] Major Crisis Dec 11-12; Humanity’s pogrom against central banks; Assault on Vatican; Secrets Revealed from Maryland/Delaware area
  • [35:02] Looking for UFO stuff; Mauro Biglino translations

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GcCxYJFGWask/

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