• [00:25] The bug doesn’t like us because we have a vagus nerve system which causes us to radiate emotion; Karman are discrete energy patterns attached to our energy bodies and make up our karma; All this radiating energy disturbs the bug; Our energy bodies further light up when we interact with others
  • [08:28] Book: Thinking and Destiny; The psychic energy body radiates out further than others; Psychic energy will detect threats before physical body; Shared psychic energy goes out even farther
  • [11:30] Certain events may condense karman attachments in the energy body in such a way to setup responses/intuition in next life
  • [15:00] You can join your karma with others; Current government examples
  • [17:00] Looking through karma to see your destiny

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/o51IYhTMekrU/

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