• 00:43 How is it useful to me?
  • 03:15 Some humans, including globalists, may be mind-controlled by aliens; 30% bought into vax, 30% goes along; 40% actively opposed; Common shared destiny between those groups; Universe wants to see who wins
  • 11:05 On a larger scale, Universe needs to see how energies are resolved in the materium
  • 13:52 JFK: Conspiracy deep and wide; scatter the CIA into the wind
  • 15:20 Consider that the globalists have captured all the governments of the planet
  • 17:30 Self-organizing collective (SOC) formed as a result of JFKs death in 1963; Humanity vs Globalists battle is now out in the open due to COVID
  • 21:40 Globalists became aware that they were facing an enemy in 2016
  • 24:30 SOC settle upon a strategy in 2004; Millions of minions; Conjunct behavior of pedophilia; Pedo behavior provides blackmail, inducements, funding (adrenochrome); SOC asked Trump to run; SOC will release pedo info even if Ghislaine Maxwell trial doesn’t
  • 36:00 Mike Adams and such aren’t correct about crypto; Tether will go down due to connection with pedophilia; Good for bitcoin and other cryptos

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ykHvsJGWfAi3/

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