Clif High and Bix Weir join Jean-Claude to discuss the possibility of the US government coming to Reggie Middleton and Veritaseum to aid in financial reconstitution.

  • 00:40:24 Clif joins call
  • 00:41:50 Data sets show government coming to Reggie (Veritaseum) over a 5-6 month period to reconstitute financial authority
  • 00:44:15 Inability for economy to function without momentum of trade
  • 00:46:55 Key dates: Dec 9-11 “crises” peaks Dec 19-Jan 7 and runs through Jan 22; Evergrande default;
  • 00:52:25 Fiat crash will last about 2 weeks
  • 00:56:44 About 13 people have decided what earth will look like for 7 billion people; That plan will fall apart; Weimar Republic hyperinflation lasted only 4 months
  • 00:59:00 Road to Roota; Reallocating gold to individuals according to Social Security balances
  • 01:02:00 Clif dealt with regulators; Seed for a pearl in our financial misery; Good guys will negotiate between nations; Set fair price between gold and silver
  • 01:09:30 Freedom is Responsibility
  • 01:10:30 Bitcoin to Litecoin 1:5 ratio; “Bell of the Ball” in springtime; Taproot; Government will talk to Reggie (Veritaseum) in May
  • 01:14:30 Gold to Silver ratio; Parity; Silver isotopes Ag 107 vs Ag 109; Parity measured in dollar, not necessarily bitcoin or other commodities
  • 01:21:40 Panic to Own

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