00:33 Suffix: -ist, -ism; talmud -an, -ean, -ian, arium, arian; revealation, revealing, revealator
08:50 Three viewpoints of current humanity: Religion, Dominant Materialism, Third Alternative
11:30 Religious conflict; Christianity vs Mohammadism;
12:50 Social movements with aspects of religion
14:00 Gnostics
21:20 Continuous Creation
22:35 Spring of 1314 – Friday the 13th; Destruction of the Knights Templars
24:30 Gnostics had separate banking system from the Talmudians
26:10 Cathars; Pirates of the Caribbean
32:35 Global conflict/kill-off
34:20 Revealing of UFOs;
39:47 “Universe provides, and guides my eyes to see, my voice to say, how wonderous is each day.”

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/x0KpRGqcUj39/

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