• 00:24 Russian Economist Kondratieff; Economic Cycles; Sound money would make business cycles disappear
  • 08:00 Crack-up Boom
  • 10:00 Seed and Company owns all the stocks in the world; Fiat stocks held by multiple owners
  • 13:30 Not dollars, FRNs
  • 18:30 SOC (Self-Organizing Collective)
  • 19:40 Debt instruments failing; Shifting to sound money – Dollar for US and Canada, NOT FRN. Tri-metal-based primarily on gold; No GESARA, NESARA, QFS
  • 23:00 Reggie Middleton
  • 23:17 Trump is a social-engineering genius; Never take anything Trump says at face value; Trump supports REAL dollars, not FRNs
  • 31:10 US moving to new herbal-based healthcare system; Trump vaccine; Trump with Bill O’Reilly about vaccine; Reason Trump defends vaccine; Americana Revival;
  • 46:05: Allopathic quack system breaking down; Known tumor-based cancer cure – Yamomoto – MAF (Macrophage Activation Factor); DBP-MAF (Vitamin D Binding Protein); No benefit from GcMAF; Nagalase; Fenbendazole

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WVUaNNbB02yA/

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