Nino’s third interview with Clif starts with the subject of Devolution and concentrates on the aspects of the war in which we are involved, an expected Cuban-Missile-Crisis event, and possible events that will trigger the necessary emotional spike.

  • 00:48 Reference Patel Patriot Devolution show; Juan O’Savin claims Devolution is just one alternative; Continuity of government
  • 05:18 Juan O’Savin’s question for Clif: Where will the “Cuban Missile Crisis” event happen?; China/Tibet/Nepal/India area; Taiwan bluster; PLA vs India; China’s 200-million-man army is falling apart; Devolution is probably not a protocol; SOC is using Soros tactics to run a tri-color revolution; Lawsuit strategy
  • 17:27 Whole world is at war; Cargo ships; More people have died from bio-attack than in Pearl Harbor and there is no emotional response; That’s the importance of Devolution; War for 18 years; Chinese Fentanyl through Mexico
  • 30:20 Shared culture is not white supremacy or fascism; Division through wokism; Globalist players are starting to look stupid; Willing suspension of disbelief; Coming out of the hypnosis
  • 36:20 Possibilities for Cuban-Missile-like crisis
  • 38:57 Data spikes: Jan 7, 9-12, huge one in 3rd week
  • 40:27 Movie Theater Syndrome; Revolutionary War: Only 3% of people supported going to war with England; 80-year-old man fired first shot of war

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