Importance of self-education, gold/silver/cryptos, and solving local real-world problems in the coming hyperinflation.

  • 00:15 “Dough” as in money; Things are unsettled due to the war in which the world is; Increased risk to economic environment; National stability; Currency;
  • 05:00 Release of bioweapon shifted earth into a new dimension; Most of population doesn’t yet realize we’re at war
  • 11:48 Slow track will lead to compounding supply issues
  • 14:30 We are already in a sound-money economy; Gold, silver and cryptos are creating problems for FRNs
  • 18:55 Removing yourself from the system creates four benefits; Remove from FRNs; Invest 10% in educating yourself about Gold, Silver, Bitcoin
  • 27:04 FRNs went into hyperinflation in the 1970s; Caused variable interest rates; Inflation in wages won’t keep up with price hyperinflation;
  • 32:41 Kazakhstan gov collapse; North America (Canada or US) collapse will hit two weeks after Germany collapse
  • 33:29 Anticipate hyperinflation; Immediately convert wages to cash and then to sound money; Reinvent yourself; Solve local problems; Real-world example: Guy travels the world without passport, bakes bread;

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