Michael Levin’s work on the electrical network of cells serves as a launchpad to better understand the “millions of layers” involved in how the body works, as well as creating a scientific explanation for things like kundalini experiences.

  • 00:19 As forecast, we’ve gone through emotional tension bumps; Example: Fauci bitch slapped by Rand Paul; COVID crap is crapping out; It has been decided that Biden has to go…probably end of Feb; Pandemic must be fazed out;
  • 06:30 Washington State concentration camp law
  • 10:42 Clif’s letters to state legislators and assistants about Devolution
  • 14:42 Michael Levin – Electrical network among cells; Ions; Ionophores; Milioni di strati = millions of layers; Tooth example;
  • 28:40 Milioni di strati
    – Base Cellular Network
    – Systemic Cellular Network
    – Intra Systemic Cellular Network
    – Ki
    – Shen/Jing
    – Awareness, I-ness
  • 34:00 Experiences explained electrically…
    – Kundalini rising
    – All enlightenment
    – Telepathy
    – Mind control
  • 36:50 Orthomolecular.org
  • 41:05 Current events
  • 42:45 Kazakhstan; Ashtana
  • 45:18 Christopher Walken – The Lion Story (youtube)
  • 48:20 Magnetizing Reality; Submarine running on magnets rather than propellers

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4t7bWnptaNOS/

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