Reports out of Kazakhstan indicate the populous is rooting out its Deep State. This is a preview of what will happen in the U.S. and a great prep measure is to build local businesses and relationships.

  • 00:30 Prussian Model of Armed Forces > Officer Core > Field, Line, Staff, Investigative, Special
  • 03:05 E, S, & T = Exposition (SitRep), Strategy, Tactics
  • 06:00 Reports from trusted people; Kazakhstan chaos (Plazma on Bitchute); Every bank has been looted, including bank records; Digital information is being analyzed; Politicians, doctors, police, security forces, military forces, civil servants, nurses have been disarmed and arrested
  • 12:30 Increase in deaths in highly vaxxed populations; Probate may have to be extended;
  • 18:22 Hurry up and wait (HAW)
  • 21:55 China has stopped globalization; Build local businesses – garage industries; Print plastic parts; Barter economy with new layer of hard money

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