It is critical to understand the Return On Investment of each of your “so manys”. Education provides the best ROI for humans. The self-education that led to the rejection of the experimental medical procedure will collectively reap huge returns over generations.

  • 03:15 ROI = Return On Investment; So Many…(breaths, days, meals, pees); Getting value from your so manys
  • 10:27 Administrators must administer the investments of the collective So Manys; Ancient Meso-Americans had wheeled toys while those in Italy invested in chariots
  • 14:58 ROI = Max Return/Min Input; Crude = 185/1; Coal = 75/1; Windmills = 7/1 (0.62/1)
  • 22:05 Clause Schwab (World Economic Forum) captured 109 countries
  • 22:44 Best ROI was those who educated themselves to not get jab; Collective ROI of the previous two years may be more than will be seen for generations
  • 26:00 Trudeau has fled (Canada truckers); Royals in a boil
  • 28:30 Washington State actions
  • 30:18 Central banks are desperately trying to control cryptos; Biden people claiming best economy during hyperinflation
  • 31:18 Best ROI for any human is education

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