Deep discussion of the newly-emerging bioweapon, its effects on supply chains, and how to harden the body against it.

  • 02:33 Interview begins; Schools closing
  • 04:00 Engineered bioweapon with protein encapsulation; Mutations are weaker; 4 signatures: Coronavirus, HIV, MERS, SARS
  • 09:30 JSNIP4 understands things are being faked; Apartment with 104 families – only one family left
  • 13:21 Bicycle tire manufacturer in China; iPhone supply chain example
  • 17:22 Regional bank failures and real estate foreclosures
  • 18:20 Chemtrails; No association with 5G; 5G is worthless
  • 20:40 Global elites devastated; Tom Cruise; Hollywood elites; Pope; Queen of England; May not have election; 3 waves of COVID; China’s carbon footprint reduced by 25% in 3 weeks
  • 25:30 Senior positions in tech companies quitting; No running away
  • 28:20 Bioweapons designed to take out military-aged men; Secondary deaths due to destruction of talent; No consensus antibody being developed
  • 33:35 Vitamin C
  • 41:25 Great survival rate among Uyghur people of China due to diet; Chaga; Breath deeply; C60
  • 54:35 Heroic effort to keep internet going
  • 55:55 Will humanity survive? TBD; Clif’s emotional exit

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