Clickbaity title. Humanity struggles as central bank parasitism is destroyed. The blossoming to follow will be extremely exciting!

  • 00:47 Painting a wild scenario with local restaurant, Trump, ninjas, etc. to communicate a forbidden subject; Open Door legal precedent
  • 09:10 Court of Public Opinion; Ukraine situation; Kazarian Mafia; Rothschilds
  • 13:50 Electric Vehicles in 1800s; 3rd Central Bank; Babylonian Money Magic; Legal tender; Inflation; Name Stealers
  • 22:50 Artificial depressions
  • 26:48 Tesla: 310 miles; 1904 electric car on lead/acid battery: 615 miles
  • 29:00 Central banks pissed off Russians/Putin
  • 32:40 Life after FRNs (Federal Bank Notes); New dollar based on 1912 prices; Innovation boom;
  • 39:00 State and local tax simplification; No IRS; Tariffs
  • 47:10 Inflation contained at 10%/month

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