A crisis of faith is coming due to new discoveries providing a more accurate view of human history.

  • 00:38 Most religious people have never examined the nature of their own religion; Ex: Put on the armor of God;
  • 04:40 Source of faith;
  • 10:30 Faith was a description of effects; That which moves matters; Correlation to the Vagus Nervous System
  • 13:16 Prejudice of Microsoft employees
  • 22:00 Coming crisis of faith; Meeting humanity for the first time; Collision between Christian and Islamic religions based on new understanding of history
  • 24:47 Book: The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino
  • 29:42 Evidence that true history of humans is coming out; New language discovery: First Tongue or Proto-Hebrew
  • 36:25 Pre-Ice-age history – 12,000 years back; El or Elohim showed up 5000 years back
  • 40:00 Catholic Church structure will fail
  • 45:00 Ex: Handful of individuals who are the anchors of a congregation
  • 46:18 When will the Powers That Be play the UFO card

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tGF0QXVJAfnG/

2 thoughts on “20220427 – DOJO->Faith”
  1. The idea of a lost history or a misinterpreted history is blowing my mind! I’m at once furious over the deception but enthusiastic about learning that which had been lost… finally the TRUTH!!! A chance at enlightenment and to be what we were meant to be?

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