WEF-type environmentalism is not at all “green” and humans are on earth to transform things. Personal energy generation devices are a priority…get away from centralized BigEnergy.

  • 00:26 Green stuff; Humans are more receptive to green than any other color; Women can see 200 variations of green; Sunlight converted to plants
  • 02:40 Standard American Diet is 76% plant-based; Traditionally 40%
  • 03:51 Green political ideology; Matterium included humans so we would terraform Earth
  • 06:50 Climate change projections all wrong; Green ideology is a dead end
  • 08:00 Sri Lanka is a demo of the WEFfer green BS
  • 11:05 Windmills are not green
  • 13:10 Redefine green; Battery idea that Clif is working on; Personal electric power
  • 17:15 Summers compressed and more intense due to coming Ice Age

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/s06Y1ipv7CF1/

One thought on “20220726 – Sri Lanka R Us”
  1. Really enjoying these outdoor/ coastal broadcasts, thank you, Clif! Also this excellent site which makes finding particular subjects somewhat easier. The whole “Green” thing (with attendant lies and faux science) has been pushed so far, for so long, that it’s difficult to undo. People have been brainwashed about it for decades. May common sense return soon. Meanwhile, we’re going to get some Pure Sleep!

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