The false narrative paradigm that we have been living in since the early 1900s is falling apart. Huge disruption and chaos are ahead because history, physics, chemistry, sociology, etc. must be rebuilt and rediscovered from scratch.

  • 00:21 The forewarned won’t freak out as much as the normies
  • 01:02 Clause Schwab created the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is an NGO, basically a private business
  • 01:48 In 1904, Polish doctors discovered kids got rickets because they got not sunlight, leading to a huge rush of Vitamin D products; Schlitz beer was fortified with Vitamin D
  • 04:08 WEFfer types started campaigning to remove Vitamin D from foods in 1920s; Prohibition; Cannabinoids vs Refer Madness
  • 08:35 Unripe, non-nutritious fruit
  • 10:00 Clif is 3X cancer survivor: Breast, Skin and Colon Cancer; Vegetarian for 30 years
  • 12:00 Manipulators have been creating false food narradigm since at least 1902; Khazarian Mafia are not Jews
  • 14:09 Elite are nonworking, nonproductive class–media and managerial class
  • 16:05 Statins study was propaganda from Tavistock Institute; Dementia; Doctors are monkeys with a good memory; Cholesterol
  • 20:40 15% of US Citizens did not take any form of the vax
  • 22:30 Carnivore/KETO diet people have rejected the advice of “authorities” and have taken responsibility over their own health; Must actively reject health advice from “authorities”
  • 26:15 Huge disruption and chaos for years because history, physics, chemistry, sociology, etc. have all be corrupted and must be rebuilt from scratch
  • 28:50 Clause Schwab’s dad was a NAZI working for Hitler
  • 29:49 Constitutional Crises is close

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