16% of federal budget is used to keep things secret. Add 18% for the fake healthcare industry and that means that 34% of US budget is going into nonproductive activities.

  • 02:22 Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates are only faces for WEF. There are higher-ups pulling the strings; Bloom of Antarctica info coming soon
  • 04:30 UFO interaction with humans since 1947 was shrouded in secrecy
  • 08:00 Untold money going into secrecy apparatus; 16% of federal budget; Embarresing classified material; 18% in WEF healthcare system
  • 12:30 Federal Reserve is collapsing; Central bank global structure coming down
  • 15:00 Big pop of awareness where normies won’t be able to reconcile with reality
  • 17:05 Increasing economic and financial chaos over August; Disruption in defense contracting industry; Contractor will start selling secrets
  • 21:10 State governments suffering because they are unable to create money like Feds
  • 24:19 100,000 subcontractors and federal employees will stop getting paid by the end of the year
  • 25:50 Clif High’s Pure Sleep does not have melatonin; GABA is a precursor to HGH


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