The Khazarian Mafia has created their own narradigms with the likes of Darwin, Einstein, Watson and Crick to so significantly obscure true science and history that it will take decades for humanity to find a firm footing again.

  • 00:20 New series includes written and audio material on Clif High’s Substack; Narradigm Investigations from 800AD to today
  • 04:10 Wars during 20s of every century; Khazarian Mafia during the Plague Years; Queering Language
  • 09:00 Jesuits were Khazarians
  • 12:00 Queering Science; Boscovich; Einstein was a Khazarian – married his cousin and her daughter; Tesla vs Einstein; Vernadsky vs Darwin
  • 16:40 1200AD Khazarians call themselves Jews
  • 19:00 CIA claims about DNA bioweapon; COVID > Prions > Mad Cow
  • 24:00 46 biolabs around the edges of Ukraine pointed at Russia
  • 25:25 Khazarian mafia’s scientists have been brought up under the same narradigm, so they are also stupid. DNA science is screwy; Watson and Crick were also namestealer scientists; Same with CERN
  • 28:50 Withdrawing silver from society’s paradigm; Gold out of paradigm
  • 31:00 They don’t mind killing millions
  • 32:10 Nipah virus

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One thought on “20220730 – Narradigm Investigations”
  1. Thank You professor Cliff. I have learned more from your videos then I ever learned
    in my “formal education”. The lies(disinformation) gets exposed almost daily.
    Thanks to your teachings we are armed and will prevail against this tyranny.

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