Christianity, along with most religions, will take major hits as humanity questions the narradigm around which it has been built and begins to understand real history.

  • 00:45 Malthusians; WEFfers; Malthus; Limits to growth
  • 04:15 Biosphere wants humans to produce things with energy
  • 05:00 Meteorite bombardment; Cosmic rays
  • 08:30 Talmud; Zohar; Book: The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino; Elohim; Esop’s Fables
  • 12:20 Jainism; Sikhism
  • 14:55 Important books not included in the bible
  • 16:45 Yahweh’s wife
  • 17:10 Elohim couldn’t deal with humans directly due to fungus and bacteria; Essential oils
  • 19:22 Joseph (Jesus) was Christ only when he was covered with oils
  • 20:00 Elohim divided up ownership of the people; Mostly in tropics…didn’t like the cold; Rabbis are lawgivers
  • 23:00 Christianity will take a big hit as we go forward
  • 25:30 English quotes in the bible made up…were never said in original Hebrew text

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