The central banks and their inflation are responsible for more environmental damage than any other entity. So-called “green energy” is simply the next step in planned obsolescence and has brought us things like wind turbines that will never pay for themselves.

  • 01:35 Central banks are the greatest threat to the ecology of the planet; Shrinkage through artificial tax called inflation; Current Dollar = >.01 cent; Removed gold and silver
  • 05:26 1933-1958 Planned Obsolescence; Glass to Plastic; Purchasing power decreases relative to energy; Nikola Tesla replaced with Einstein’ Peak of everything is at low point of FRN purchasing power; Hyperinflation
  • 14:38 Shift to “green energy” is part of planned obsolescence; Windmills can never pay for themselves; Same for most photovoltaics
  • 19:20 Ice Age; Solar Minimum; Climate Change
  • 21:35 Malthus vs Vladimir Vernadski
  • 23:00 Pacific coastal current changed 21 days early
  • 26:00 Vladimir Vernadski’s Biosphere
  • 26:52 Clif High’s Pure Sleep to bulk up

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