We have the moral high ground against the motherWEFers in this 4th generation warfare and they are on the ropes as more normies are red-pilled.

  • 00:20 The nature of our irregular warfare – 4th Generation Warfare; Moral high ground is key; Book: 4th Generation Warfare by Boyd
  • 03:35 MotherWEFers are inbreeders to concentrate wealth
  • 05:00 Red Pill phenomenon
  • 08:20 WEFers will get pushback from now on; Possible false flag will awaken a big mass of normies
  • 12:40 Normies are waking up to clot shot
  • 14:20 Winter setting in early
  • 16:45 MotherWEFers want our land
  • 18:00 Missing Epstein discussion; Epstein + Gates = Moderna founders
  • 20:55 Coincident Theorists have a cult-like belief in coincidences
  • 22:12 Narradigm is dying; 2 million fewer children enrolled in public schools + COVID money is gone
  • 23:00 Student debt forgiveness
  • 24:40 England will try to go cashless in December; Can’t buy cocaine with EBT card; Bond market affected
  • 30:00 Winning with memes


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