The US was compromised from the beginning by debt. Common Law was given up for Admiralty Law. We are now in a period under the Law of War.

  • 00:10 Everyone watching this video is a prawn; Book: The Law of War was updated in 2016
  • 02:05 These states united vs The United States; Article 1 Section 3 Clause 17; DC is under the control of the Legislature
  • 08:00 13 colonies borrowed $6 million to be recognized
  • 10:17 Common Law or Law of the Land; Equitable Title
  • 12:25 1871 – DC and The United States Inc; Equity Law
  • 15:41 1900-1938 Huge chaos generated by bankers
  • 18:35 1938 – US officially bankrupt; IRS
  • 22:30 Equity Law to Admiralty Law/Merchant Law/Statutory Law; UCC 1-308.4 and UCC 1-103-104
  • 25:20 FEMA created to get our GUNS
  • 28:00 Arrest of Trump may be a necessary step
  • 28:55 Book: The Law of War manual updated; No rules of procedure for Admiralty Law
  • 29:40 Clif won when he was sued by Corey Goode
  • 32:22 Redress Clause 17; Law of War
  • 37:36 Clif’s personal projects

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4 thoughts on “20220902 – Narradigm Investigation: Law”
  1. Dear Clif,
    Did you mean article 1, section 3, clause 7? I have not been able to find any other clauses after 7 in my internet search. Please advise if there are any other sources I can look at.
    Thank you

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