The WEFers will be throwing everything they can at us because they are in a panic as they recognize that their plans are failing and even normies are awakening to their schemes.

  • 01:00 MotherWEFers going for the big enchilada; You’re not allowed to travel; Elites creating supersonic aircraft; Electric aircraft are a non-starter
  • 03:00 Big Enchilada = Total control of planet; Argentina at 100% inflation per year; Goal of killing off as many people as possible
  • 04:20 Possibly no MRNA in the death shots; One ambulance per day on Clif’s beach
  • 06:35 Growing number awakening to the evil of WEF; Yahweh was one of the El; Elohim = many El; Ruled 12 tribes of Hebrews; Torah, Mishnah, Talmud, and Zohar = Manuel for dealing with the space aliens; Goy = Beast; Talmud includes 6 genders between breeding male and breeding female
  • 10:55 WEF are very binary; CIA has El religion inculcated into it; JK Rowling; Fauci is a magician, not a scientist; Dunning Kruger Effect
  • 13:20 Imagine thinking it’s a good idea to…; Klaus Schwab’s Dr Evil suit; WEF have different DNA due to inbreeding
  • 15:55 Normies realizing WEF is a criminal organization
  • 16:40 Lockdown until there is green energy to allow travel; Assays of Earth show that all lithium on planet will supply global energy needs for 22 minutes; Exploding electric cars; Electric airplanes will never become serious reality
  • 21:40 People with binary views are not very bright
  • 22:26 Climate IS change; Malthus vs Vernadsky and the Biosphere
  • 27:00 Permanent climate change lockdowns won’t fly; HDL vs LDL (bad cholesterol); Junk DNA
  • 30:30 Entering an intense period of the Big Ugly; Shorting of cryptos will come to an end; $10/gal diesel
  • 32:40 Possible influence of election; CCP controls 80% of population with 20% Han Chinese
  • 34:15 Prepping for hard winter
  • 35:40 Importance of good fats; 45% proteins 45% fats, 10% carbs; Seed oils; Decline of Argentine diet
  • 39:15 Wootage

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