The queering of the US fits a recurring pattern utilized by the WEFonians to corrupt and break down societies for centuries.

  • 00:37 Local recent event; Human Contact Foundation vetting an offer
  • 02:40 Space alien info start dripping out this year; Big release next year; Food riots – Vatican
  • 03:50 Italian restaurant with 9000 Euro bill for natural gas
  • 04:55 Tore Says – no quantum computer predicting future; CIA speech patterns; 4-year delta
  • 07:30 Repetitive patterns of Khazarian Mafia; PsyOps; Begins with queering of history; Gender queering; Less than 2% gender dysphoria in 1950s
  • 12:15 Bolsheviks did similar perversion before Russian Revolution; Tartaria
  • 16:30 Human newborns sacrificed along with lambs, lamas, etc.
  • 18:00 History of cold-climate people is less perverted by space aliens; Liberation event as real history is discovered
  • 23:15 Jesuit Order created by Khazarian Mafia based on Talmud
  • 24:40 Money dying; Seed oils are symptom of fiat money
  • 28:30 SEC subpoenaed Clif
  • 31:35 Secrets Revealed
  • 33:00 Testosterone to resist WEFonians; Sweet taste of Victory

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