Like the Brain Drain of years past, a new gap is developing between fiat/mainstream science narratives and reality. New industries will be created to capitalize on reality-based science.

  • 00:28 Fermenting cider apples
  • 01:00 The Big Gap
  • 01:40 The Brain Drain; Economic Hitman
  • 04:40 Communists must “engineer” the population in order to win votes
  • 07:25 Smarts Gap due to corruption of educational and science institutions
  • 08:40 Big Gap exposed as corruption exposed, i.e., Fauci
  • 10:00 Big Gap will show up around UFO tech
  • 11:25 New Electrics; New decentralized, self-refining electric tech
  • 16:44 Defense contractors positioning themselves to take advantage of the New Physics
  • 22:23 “Medical science” no longer respected; Thousands of peer review articles being withdrawn
  • 25:25 More Millenials have died from vax than in Vietnam War

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