Exciting research on ancient temple and pyramid orientation shows that there were four specific civilizations before our current one. The end of each corresponds with an Ice Age and a specific relocation of the North Pole.

  • 00:40 Making preparations for a wonky social order
  • 01:13 Article showing that orientations of pyramids and temples changed with each Ice Age
  • 03:20 Academia depends on regurgitation, not real thinking
  • 04:08 Pyramids have boat docks at their base; Earth was smaller and seas were higher
  • 06:35 Numerous pyramids have not yet been discovered
  • 07:40 Jews never wrote anything about the pyramids
  • 08:30 Jain religion in India has no farmed god; Jain cosmology goes back 600,000 years; Discusses expanding earth; 250,000 years ago, something struck Mars; Prior to that, Earth, Mars and the Moon were all inhabited by humans; 600 billion humans inhabited Solar System
  • 17:15 Joseph the radical rabbi renamed as Jesus; Goofy translations of bible; “prophecy”
  • 20:25 Pyramids and Ice Ages article
  • 22:00 ZOG; Khazarian Mafia created Masonic Lodges
  • 24:00 Dam will break around Antarctica information
  • 24:38 Big emotional around November 13th, then waves; Another large wave around December 6 or 7

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