Scenario planning for the inevitable unfolding…

Imagining post-FED scenarios, including the effects on local governments, to prepare for a new reality.

  • 00:35 Khazarian Mafia engineered central bank over a 23-year period – 1890-1913
  • 02:30 First act after killing Kadhafi was to create central bank for Libya
  • 05:00 Infiltrated Judaism in 1200s; End of Fed starts a process to end all other central banks
  • 06:40 Self-Organizing Collective (SOC) vs Khazarian Mafia
  • 08:00 Big Ugly period through June 2023 or so
  • 09:06 Agencies and departments of US & state governments will cease to exist post-FED
  • 13:50 Jewish society (though not Khazarian Mafia) will fall apart; Myth of high Jewish IQ
  • 15:16 40 years to achieve open source, transparent government
  • 16:24 Variety of agency failures
  • 19:10 Kids will be taught about evil Khazarians and central banks; WEF and Klaus Schwab
  • 20:45 Brazil election; Bolsonaro may start arrests within a week of taking office
  • 22:20 Federal financing of local governments; Jay Inslee

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