Considering approaches to warfare in context of the huckleberry. Awakened ones may be able go beyond 5th Generation Warfare to do 6thGenWar by changing the context of the world.

  • 01:10 Huckleberry is a unique plant; Northern Hemisphere; High ORAC; Preservative; Fruit and blossom throughout the year
  • 05:50 European settlers learn about huckleberries from the natives; Huckleberry syrup was 2nd commercial export; Essiac Tea
  • 10:10 Siberian government and others prescribe huckleberry syrup; Book: Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn
  • 11:43 I’m your huckleberry = I fill your need
  • 14:00 Living Dead; Length of this body’s life
  • 18:20 Metempsychosis; Long Sleep; stronger impact on the matterium mean longer metempsychosis
  • 24:25 In elapsed time, we’re mostly dead; Makes us the living Dead
  • 26:00 Life is war; Boyd; 5GW5th Generation Warfare; Observe, Orient, Act, Decide
  • 34:18 6G Warfare changes the context of the world
  • 34:45 Book: Thinking and Destiny

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