Understanding the meridian connections between the body’s glands and organs can provide insight that today’s MDs are incapable of comprehending.

  • 00:16 Clif back on Twitter @clif_high
  • 02:35 Yellow Emperor of China and Yogic rebuilding of the body; Glandular network connections to organs
  • 06:28 Clif cancer undiagnosed for 30 years
  • 08:30 Glandular problems
  • 10:28 Yellow Emperor of China
  • 14:50 Clif’s intestinal cancer; Died in July 2018
  • 20:08 Clif friend’s wife; Change supplements regularly to avoid toxic build-up; Importance of fat layers in women; Glands in head replace themselves every six years
  • 24:17 Iron toxification due to supplements
  • 27:38 Trans women (men pretending to be women) in the movies

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/body-cycles

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