Part 3 of the Dr Lee Merritt Clif High interview provides lots of insight into psychedelic tech and hyperspace. Clif also reveals more about his dad’s interaction with CIA.

Continued from Part 2

  • 00:00 Short intro on black goo
  • 02:40 Flat earth came out of the E-Ring of the Pentagon
  • 06:22 No sentient AI
  • 07:20 Project Looking Glass is BS; Everpresent Now
  • 10:00 Clif’s dad’s interaction with CIA; Red night vision goggles; Mental effects 2 years on
  • 12:50 Psychedelic tech; More red goggle stuff
  • 16:50 Book: Pihkal and Tihkal
  • 18:30 Calcification of the pineal Gland
  • 22:45 Mauro Biglino; Christ crucifixion/resurrection story; Second return; Things happening around Saturn and Jupiter
  • 29:29 Bigfoot; Grains; Megalithic structures; Nummo, The Bug; Hyperspace
  • 34:45 Emotion guy in hyperspace
  • 37:20 Crop circles representing molecules of melatonin, Niacin, and Chlorine Dioxide
  • 38:50 Jewels of Time
  • 40:25 Bad guys utilizing hyperspace/symbols
  • 46:48 Khazarian who took psychedelics
  • 48:48 More Pentagon psyops
  • 51:30 Possibilities for the future: Dollar will die; US will reconstitute itself; Codex Oera Linda; Namestealers
  • 55:45 Nicola Tesla and the Khazarians; Clif met guy – had to keep women out of the room; Not many Jewish people in the military
  • 01:00:10 Lee Merritt’s Khazarian friend; Khazarian sense of smell
  • 01:03:18 Clif’s time with native tribe in Alaska

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