Practical ways to think of time. We constantly transfer ideas between past, present, and future.

  • 00:25 Past, Now, Future; How do we retrieve a thought out of the future?
  • 04:35 Making things time stable
  • 05:30 Hyperspace
  • 10:00 Thoughts transferred into the future
  • 16:00 Creating novelty; Terrence McKenna

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One thought on “20230206 – Twist Your Noodle”
  1. Three comments.
    First – excellent explanation. The concept of space-time has always fascinated me.
    Second – the double split experiment and the duality of particles and waves. It also involves the stochastic probability of the particle paths that determine the pattern displayed. This is similar to the future, I believe, as you posit that the future is determined by probabilities.
    Third – Stephen King’s book/series, The Langoliers, which poses airline passengers trapped in a no-man’s land between the past and future with the present bearing down on them like an apocalyptic storm. A good analogy, I think.

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