Acts of sabotage are making it obvious that we’re in an active state of war and normies are about to wake up. Solutions will be found at the local level as central governments are proven corrupt.

  • 00:50 Normies are waking up to the fact that we’re under attack; 5GUW = Fifth Generation Unrestricted Warfare; Trains are being derailed by derailer units stolen 9 months ago
  • 03:20 WEF saboteurs in operation
  • 06:00 Armed citizens on patrol
  • 07:15 By March 15, there should be lots of language about the war going on; 1% will start agitating the herd of normies
  • 10:45 Authorities won’t want to prosecute captured saboteurs
  • 12:30 War and clean-up may go on for 5-10 years; Most of the 2 million people that have come across the border are military-age men
  • 13:45 Old ALTA reports showed officials being hauled out by locals
  • 15:37 Minions can no longer be paid off as value of dollar falls
  • 17:43 Old ALTA reports showed intense summer after UFOs; Food riots in Delaware leads to mob breaking into warehouse facility finding vast stash of secret documents
  • 20:50 Congress declares war and President doesn’t listen; Fire lit under the ass of Congress
  • 22:50 Great revolt – not filing tax returns; Many more train derailments, power plants attacked, farms shot up
  • 25:45 Rebuilding phase starts in the fall
  • 26:45 Extraordinary number of vaccidents

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