Circumstances are being engineered so that the war with the Khazarian Mafia is no longer secret and even normies will unite in the battle against them.

  • 00:20 Moved to coast in 2018; New appliance which need to be replaced in five years
  • 01:18 Married at age 19; Washer and dryer set lasted decades
  • 03:15 5GUW; Seven Khazarians went to China and turned it communist; Khazaria = Ukraine; Putin is methodically destroying the Khazarians in Ukraine
  • 06:38 Ohio Chemical Bomb; First Aid For Ohio; Iodine vs Halides; Sabotage
  • 11:00 Upcoming nuclear panic is engineered to bring Khazarian war out into the open; Soros is a Nazi and Khazarian; Zionism
  • 15:00 The awakening is now rolling through the population; Already involved in a World War
  • 16:25 Even the blue-haired people will start to come around
  • 18:20 Three more large-scale agricultural-type bombs to go off; California train; Kansas/Nebraska and Northern Texas may be targets
  • 20:45 Chris Sky in Toronto, Canada
  • 21:25 Vox Populi aimed at legislative assistants; Week when decades happen; January 6 footage released
  • 24:00 New paradigm after country unites behind outside enemy; Everyone will be seriously anti-government; Take over local government

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