It is becoming more obvious that Operation Warp Speed was designed to short-circuit the Khazarian Mafia’s 10-year lockdown plan to kill 464 million people.

  • 00:14 Medical offices used to open early
  • 01:12 Change relative to the Big Ugly; 9/11 was a Khazarian Mafia job; Global ritual—time-freezing magic—did not work
  • 04:08 Release Language; Woody Harrelson Monologue; Lab Leak
  • 10:05 Khazarian Mafia, not Jews; 1148 or 1250 – the king made everyone Jews
  • 12:20 5GuW and Operation Warp Speed; US military became a tool of Khazarian Mafia; Parallel military operation called Project Camelot worked on a counter-insurrection
  • 16:40 Operation Warp Speed short-circuited Khazarian Mafia 10-year plan; SOC (Self-Organizing Collective)
  • 20:25 Virology is a pseudoscience
  • 24:52 Communications shutdown?
  • 26:26 Ohio Chemical Bomb is a push for 15-minute Cities
  • 30:37 Social Matrix Enforcers
  • 33:35 Detailed exposure of Khazarian networks

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