The mass of the population is now awakened to the schemes against them. Expect dollar and government breakdown and collapse over Summer.

  • 00:13 Bank failures and preemptive seizures
  • 01:09 Dollar: 100% in 1913 to .016% today
  • 02:10 1957 plot to take over the US
  • 03:44 SOC (Self-Organizing Collective); Beginning of improvisation
  • 06:55 Crash of federal government in May due to lack of funding; Hyperinflation in Weimar Republic
  • 11:40 Backstop
  • 12:46 Diaries from Germany
  • 17:50 Regional government will die in May; Federal government in June; State and local governments in July; Kick ass July 4
  • 19:40 July, August, and September will be the pits
  • 20:45 Rebuilding for decades; Detox period
  • 23:15 Natural reduction of accommodation
  • 24:35 ANTIFA pissed at Clif…destroyed Clif’s Twitter account over Trans as a coded disease
  • 27:00 Federal Reserve is trying to save the Dollar; Student debt owed to banks, not Federal government
  • 31:00 Warp Speed; Trump Cities; Greatest depression of all time; Trump Cities are equivalent to the CCC (Civilian Construction Core) or WPA (Works Progress Administration/Work Projects Administration
  • 37:30 Many colleges have more administrators than students
  • 43:00 Prepare for new Ice Age
  • 44:45 Clif High’s Pure Sleep Sugarless Version

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  1. Frank Lloyd Wright devised ‘Broadacre Cities’ that allocated evryy family a few acres for their own use and privacy. he was very freedom oriented.

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