There are several strong reasons CBDCs won’t succeed in North America, including the fact that government is just not smart enough to deal with all the issues.

  • 00:48 Shift into the active phase of things; CBDC won’t work in North America; Must establish authenticated ID
  • 04:00 Hackers will have fun with CBDCs
  • 06:30 EBT Card failure
  • 06:50 DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries); Compounding Errors; Recent problems with software-enabled vehicle
  • 10:20 Equity Diversion hires in government translate to government failure
  • 15:48 Really hard July thru winter; Brittle society
  • 17:45 No climate crises; Humans are important to the planet; Vernadsky
  • 18:12 Trans in official mental illness; Twitter block and reversal; Factitious disorder; Munchausen syndrome by proxy
  • 25:00 Ice age predicted, then big change in the 1950s, then “global warming” and “climate change”
  • 28:00 Many notable people worried

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