Eric Weinstein’s Unified Geometry theory, while inventive, is overly complex and fails to consider magnetism.

  • 00:15 Theories of Everything; Magnetism; Space alien disclosure coming as an attempt to seize back control
  • 02:20 Eric Weinstein; Superior intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews
  • 04:52 Einstein was a plagiarist and pedophile
  • 06:05 Unified geometry doesn’t include magnetism
  • 08:20 Bell’s Inequality; Heisenberg Uncertainty
  • 10:55 Collapse of Soviet Union
  • 12:00 Line loss eating 2/3rds of electricity; Electric grid problems in South Africa
  • 14:00 Humans of antifragile
  • 15:18 Eric Weinstein wants to understand space alien tech
  • 18:28 Clif’s contact with Chinese aerospace guy; Bust up USA similar to 95-day failure of Soviet Union
  • 20:45 Great Reset won’t take because their people are too stupid; 80% failure of CBDC test code; Government secrets to be sold

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