Physicists may be able to move beyond “gravity” and Einstein’s General Relativity by considering Time in a new way.

  • 00:34 Physics of our reality; Michelson–Morley said to disprove aether; Tesla operated on an understanding of aether – shifted us into an electric age; Humans deal with less dense energy as we go along
  • 02:55 Quantum Relativity bullshit; String Theory; We’ve been frozen in quantum for 100 years
  • 05:25 Majority of physicists are Ashkenazi Jews manipulated by Khazarian Mafia like the rest of us
  • 06:14 Giving physicists an out; Gravity doesn’t exist, so “antigravity” experiments are doomed
  • 09:03 Gravity = The Weak Force; Physicists operating on hidden assumption: Gravity is constant; Eric Weinstein’s Geometric Unity
  • 13:08 Take away Time as a constant; Time exists only within the 22-trillion-times-per-second pulse
  • 17:45 Time is continuous and perpetual, but not constant
  • 21:53 Co-impenetrability
  • 24:30 New Michelson–Morley experiment with Space Station
  • 26:38 Clif never went beyond high school; Offered slot at West Point, a Naval Academy, and more; Academia is a closed system
  • 33:00 Moving from theoretical physics to applied physics

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